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Some shareholders are calling for the dismissal of the head of the smartphone division

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Samsung is the target of the ire of some of its shareholders. After the brand’s recent disasters, some shareholders are calling for the dismissal of Tae Moon Roh, head of the group’s smartphone division. An online petition is calling for a change of direction to raise the bar.

Two years ago, Samsung Electronics handed over the reins of its mobile division to Tae Moon Roh, the former head of research and development in the Information Technology and Mobile Communications Department. He joined Samsung in 1997, and the guy was aiming to replace DJ Koh. With such a big change, the Seoul giant was hoping to breathe new life into its mobile division.

Under his watch, Samsung has had great success with its foldable smartphones, including Galaxy Z Fold 3 And the Galaxy Z Flip 3. Despite the successes of the mobile division, some shareholders are currently calling for the removal of Tae Moon Roh. According to information from the Korea Times, shareholders and some employees I signed an online petition to remove the official.

Samsung shareholders blame Tae Moon Roh for crackdown

In the online petition, many contributors made it clear that they voted Against the re-election of Tae Moon Roh as director mobile section. Like most publicly traded companies, Samsung must periodically seek advice from its shareholders regarding senior positions.

“Although I do not own a large amount of shares, I voted against his appointment”Says one of the contributors to the petition published on a South Korean website. Apparently, some contributors believe DJ Koh’s successor is to blame Samsung’s recent disasters.

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Recently, Several Galaxy S devices have been banned from Geekbench. The measurement platform estimated that the manufacturer is striving for this standard manipulation. Clamping has already been spotted in Samsung’s Android overlay code. This system Reduces performance of most applications, except for standard applications. Samsung has committed to rolling out a patch to disable this feature. The company asserts that the installation is only intended to contain the temperature generated by the SoC.

The company also claims to have Open an internal investigation. Some of the brand’s employees had already expressed their displeasure after this discovery. after a short time, Samsung was the victim of a cyber attack by the Lapsus $ . group. pirate stole 190 GB of confidential data, including the source code for many Samsung solutions such as Knox. Chaebol claims that customer data is not affected. However, hacking puts the work of certain security solutions at risk.

In this context, Samsung will maintain an extension Annual general meeting of shareholders On March 16, 2022. During this meeting, the South Korean giant should examine the re-election of Tae Moon Roh. At the moment, it is not known whether the majority of Samsung shareholders were against the director’s re-election. We will tell you more as soon as possible.

source: Korea Times

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