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Sony acquires Savage Game Studios

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Jillian Castillo
Jillian Castillo
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This morning on the PlayStation Blog, Sony announced its acquisition of Savage Game Studios.

Featured Image: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Sony continues to expand the PlayStation brand on other platforms like a computer and mobile. In fact, today they announced the acquisition of Savage Game Studios which is joining the new division of PlayStation Studios dedicated to developing mobile games.

on me Official PlayStation BlogHermine Holst, President of PlayStation Studios, welcomes Savage Game Studios into the PlayStation family: “We share their quest for continuous innovation, as well as the desire to expand our audience and welcome more and more people into the PlayStation world. Thus, this team has proven itself as an ideal choice to expand the PlayStation Studios family.”

He also gives the floor to Michael Katkoff, CEO and co-founder of Savage Game Studios:

You might ask “So why are you joining PlayStation Studios?” If we enter into this agreement, it is because we believe that the management of PlayStation Studios, as well as respecting the way we operate and our vision of success, share our taste for innovation. Add to that the ability to take advantage of the incredible catalog of PlayStation franchises, as well as the breadth of support that only PlayStation Studios can offer, and the question isn’t so much “why join them?” That “Why don’t you join them?”

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