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Sony files an interesting patent related to its virtual reality technology

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Sony has updated a patent for a new technology. The makers of Playstation want to allow gamers to embed real physical objects into video games with a 3D scanner.

The company submitted the relevant legal document on June 23, 2021. After reading it, the US body responsible for verifying patents and trademarks from the United States of America Office (USPTO) asked the Japanese technology and entertainment giant to review some details. The authority had raised questions about some of its technology claims. The final version has been available since last week.

Real beings in a virtual world

the GameRant site Who discovered the information last weekend. New technology described
Sony In its document users can create virtual objects from real world objects.

The basic principles of the technology seem to be organized from the photogrammetry of motion. With a device, the user scans an object to create its virtual clone. The system then defines its attributes and functions before being introduced into a simulation or video game. The first game for this system will be The call of the horizon from the mountain From Guerrilla and Firesprite games.

Small details, it will be necessary to view the object in 360 degrees in order to be able to scan it and bring it correctly to a file Virtual Reality.

Technology for Sony’s next VR headset

This new technology can be integrated into PSVR 2, Sony and PlayStation’s futuristic virtual reality system. In fact, during CES 2022The company released the official technical specifications for the PlayStation 5 VR headset and also confirmed the name of its VR console, the PlayStation VR2 Sense console.

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The OLED display on this new console will feature a resolution of 2000 x 2040 and frame rates of 90/120Hz. 4K HDR visuals will allow a 110-degree field of view and click-through. The screen refresh rate will be between 90 and 120 Hz, that is, the refresh rate refers to the number of images the screen displays per second.

This technology can also join a club metaverse. Thus, the user transfers everyday objects to a new environment created by virtual reality.

Moreover, not all patents filed in the marketing of products are realized. Therefore, it is impossible to guarantee the upcoming commercialization of Sony’s technology. In addition, the patent is still being processed.

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