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Soon, the Franco-Manitoban rustic heritage was shown on stage

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The idea for these representations stems from the project carried out in 2015 about localities

Now that these areas are found in people’s memory, we wanted to introduce them to make live art on stage.As says project coordinator Martine Bordello.

After consulting with Théâtre Cercle Molière (TCM) a series of four shows designed for four rural areas were considered.

There will be four different shows, each set in a rural area, that will tell the story of their area., explains Martine Bordello.

The four performances will be presented from 8 April in Notre Dame de Lourdes, in La Broquerie, in Saint-Jean-Baptiste and Laurier.

The fifth and final show will take place on May 14, 2022 at Théâtre Cercle Molière in order to present the Winnipeggers with excerpts from the other four productions.

In addition to Rhéal Cenerini in writing, the Circle Molière Theater She put together a team made up of Alison Palmer to direct the voice and Edward Lamontani. Susan Keneally will be on stage to accompany the people who will come and tell their story.

« It was Real Cinerini who was hired to write the shows based on testimonies he collected from elderly people in rural areas. »

Quote from Martin Bordello, Project Coordinator

From this set of information, the author Inspired greatly by what people have said: their history, their heritage, the potential future of their communityThe coordinator explains. He brought it all together, and it is an extraordinary work that he hands over to us: poems, music, texts, and tales based on true stories lived by the ancestors of those who told them.

« In fact, what makes the history of our villages are the people who lived it. »

Quote from Martin Bordello, Project Coordinator

Intergenerational offers

At each show, the audience expects to see children on stage.

There will be all ages, all generations. Children also participate either by choral singing or by crafts that are part of the décor, particularly quilting which is a very important craft art in French Canadian culture.Mrs. Bordello adds.

Four rural schools (Saint-Georges, Saint-Claude, Lorette and Saint-Pierre) are involved in the manufacture of quilts.

Each quilt will create its own. Each will tell their heritage story through children’s voices, through the visual art of quilting. We will make a historical heritage mosaicsays the project coordinator.

In addition, there are students from other schools who have decided to participate by taking pictures of their favorite trees.

Martin Bordello identifies that from these images, children say […] The symbolism of the roots of the tree, which they associate with the roots of their culture and village.

The presence of the children is made possible thanks to the Franco-Manitoban School Department, which is also a partner in this project.

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