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COVID-19 in the UK | One in 20 Britons got infected last week

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(London) The number of people infected with the coronavirus broke new records last week in the United Kingdom with one in 20 people infected and peaking at one in 10 in London, according to official estimates released on Wednesday.

According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), which is based on a representative sample, 3.7 million people were infected with COVID-19 in the last week of 2021, out of 67 million people in the UK.

One in 15 people in England were infected, one in 20 in Scotland and Wales, and one in 25 in Northern Ireland.

Increase in hospital admissions

These figures illustrate the scale of the wave of pollution hitting the UK, which has prompted millions of Britons to isolate themselves during the holidays and disrupt the work of many sectors, from transport to schools. This relates in particular to the health system, which is nonetheless facing an increase in hospitalization.

Although the UK has already crossed the 200,000 cases per day threshold and increased pressure on the hospital system, Prime Minister Boris Johnson refused again on Tuesday to tighten health measures beyond working remotely and wearing the mask already in place in England.

Other regions of the country, whose local governments determine their own policy in this area, have implemented more stringent measures.

Scottish Prime Minister (pro-independence) Nicola Sturgeon announced on Wednesday that restrictions on large gatherings, social distancing measures and table service in pubs, have been extended, for example, until at least 17 January.

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