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Spiritfarer: Three Free DLC Packs in 2021 for the Premium Quebec game

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Feel successful on the international stage in 2020, Quebec Game Spiritiver, Which explores the concept of an afterlife, will receive three free DLC packs over the next few months, each of which will extend Stella, Soul Ferryman’s journey.

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It was announced Thursday by Montreal Thunder Lotus studio, The three updates will arrive in a row in Spring, Summer, and Fall 2021. These updates will bring new spirit, buildings, resources, and quality-of-life improvements to the game.

The first update, this spring, will allow Stella to relive some of her memories of her past, which will take the form of flowers that will bloom in her cabin. In these butterflies that can come together and form a new soul, you’ll find Lily, the younger sister of the main character.

Lily will appear privately at night and help Stella guide her boat in the dark.

This summer, he’ll be around Beverly, our Soul boat’s former neighbor, to join him as a spirit Spiritiver. An additional Stella room, an archive room, will also be available at this time.

Finally, in the fall, the title of Thunder Lotus will be on a new island that houses a hospital. We can meet two souls there: Jackie, the caregiver, and Daria, his main patient.

More details about the summer and fall updates will be released eventually, as well as release dates for each download of additional content.

Spiritiver Available on PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC, Mac and Stadia since August 18.

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