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Spotify acquires Clubhouse Rival, moves to audio halls

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Jillian Castillo
Jillian Castillo
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(New York) Spotify announced Tuesday that it has acquired sound salon company Betty Labs, which will serve as a vehicle for development in the burgeoning segment of the Clubhouse platform.

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In the wake of the podcast, Live Audio, which offers live broadcasts and conferences or conversations between Internet users, all in audio-only format, rose about a year ago, driven by the Clubhouse app.

Provides the possibility of interactions not found with pre-recorded podcasts.

Created in 2018, Betty Labs specializes in this area and in particular, in October 2020, the Locker Room app, which regulates the exchange of live sound over sports.

Spotify announced on Tuesday that it will develop the Locker Room to make it an open platform for “a wider group of creators and fans,” according to a statement.

The platform will thus open up to topics related to music and more broadly to culture, but also to creators from all walks of life.

Among the early investors in Betty Labs was GV, the private equity arm of Alphabet (Google).

At the end of February, Spotify confirmed its ambitions for non-musical audio.

The group has already spent hundreds of millions of dollars putting together an integrated podcast offering, with technology, production, ad interface, and exclusive content.

According to several media, Facebook is currently running a similar offer to Clubhouse. Entrepreneur Mark Cuban is also making his own version called Fireside.

The Discord platform, formerly known as Live Voice, which launched in 2015, had already raised $ 479 million, according to the database of the specialist website Crunchbase, and is now valued at about $ 7 billion.

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