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Spring break measures: “It’s a matter of balance,” says Minister Christian Dube

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Quebec’s health minister believes that despite the criticism, the measures announced by the government on Tuesday are the right ones.

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Usually, when you have a balance between happy people and less happy people, it’s because the decision is in the right place. It is a matter of balance. We wanted to be careful because there were still a lot of doubts, ‚ÄĚChristian Dube explains.

The Minister specifically mentions the arrival of the variants as well as the delay in vaccination. “We are trying to find a balance,” he adds.

He says he understands the disappointment of some people, but that these decisions were made based on the current situation.

“We are asking people to put in an extra effort. There is no stability yet. With spring break last year, we saw how it hurts.”

“We looked at what we could offer parents so that they could carry out certain activities,” the minister says.

Cases of various types of virus have been reported in the province. The Minister is keen to do everything to identify these cases.

“We will be very clear, regarding screening, we are in the right place. By the end of the week, we will have data that will allow us to know how many variables we have,” the minister insists.

The government has come under fire for not having a strategy in place with rapid tests yet. It is confirmed that they are used in addition to a PCR test.

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“We have always said that we were over-efficient in our tests in general. Rapid tests are tests that complement our screening strategy,” he says.

According to him, the important thing is to come and test quickly when an outbreak occurs, especially in business.

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