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SPVM has called for it to announce its arrests

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This is the essence of the 25 recommendations in the existing report Mainly on the different points of view that the participants expressed during the public consultationCan we read

The report also requests to be mentioned The explicit prohibition of indiscriminate arrests or detentions on the basis of a person’s perceived ethnic identity.

Last June, SPVM director Sylvain Caron indicated that he wanted the arrests to be based on observable, verifiable and justified facts.


SPVM should detail the complaint mechanisms for the public by indicating in its policy this Any discriminatory behavior or profiling is subject to the principle of zero tolerance and will be subject to disciplinary or administrative action that may result in punishment..

The audience will not be neglected because SPVM is required to explain and communicate better Current complaints processes, with specific reference to penalties stipulated in law and internal procedures.

The use of data from police stops should also be defined, according to the Public Security Committee, which recommends establishing a mutual understanding by involving the public in updating the policy on police stops.

A series of recommendations entitled “Educating yourself to understand yourself better” emphasizes specifically the need for this Reminding members of the police force, in writing and on a regular basis, of their obligation to wear their identity card at all times and to give their name to the person who requests it.

Among other things, the SPVM is required to collaborate with experts in order to establish communication methods with the police force Reducing the phenomenon of psychological arrest of detainees.

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Also a must for SPVM and Montreal Working collaboratively with community actors through financial support to organizations that provide public education about citizens’ rights when they are arrested by the police.

Helping Quebec combat profiling

The report encourages bids to the government So that the practice of arrests is adequately defined and clarified, at the district level, to prevent racial and social profiling and to ensure public confidence in this police practice..

The report writers go so far as to suggest this Review traffic intercept registration systems And the’Eliminate the ban on incivility as a reason that may justify a police stop.

Earlier this year, the director of SPVM offered an apology to Mamadi III Fara Camara, who is wrongly accused of disarming and wounding a peace officer in Montreal. He was arrested, imprisoned and charged before being acquitted of all suspicion.

This case caused a sensation and rocked the private movement, and brought the issue of discrimination and racial profiling back to the fore.

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