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Standard cryptocurrency theft by hackers

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Dear hacker […] We want to contact you and urge you to return the hacked assets, wrote Poly Network in a message to hackers that was posted on Twitter.

The amount of money I hacked is the largest in the history of decentralized finance […] This money comes from tens of thousands of members of the crypto community.

Quote from:Polly Network on Twitter

Altogether, the theft of Ethereum, BinanceChain, and OxPolygon tokens is worth about $600 million, according to accounts from users including cybersecurity researcher and Ethereum specialist Mudit Gupta.

Poly network did not immediately respond to a request fromFrance Press agency.

On Twitter, the company published the addresses used by hackers, and called on crypto wallet holders to put them on a disapproval list.

Transfers of bitcoin and other crypto assets are based on blockchain technology, which preemptively eliminates the need for intermediaries such as banks, where transactions are executed directly from user to user.

Cryptocurrencies: 60% of the hacked volume

The authorities in any country will consider your misdeeds a major economic crime and you will be prosecuted. […] You should talk to us to find a solution, the Poly network insists in its message.

By the end of April, cryptocurrency thefts, hacks and fraud totaled $432 million, according to CipherTrace.

This number may seem small compared to years past, but if we look in more detail, there is an alarming trend: hacks in decentralized finance now account for more than 60% of the total volume of hacks and thefts., notes the specialist company.

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