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“Star Académie”: Controversial departure of Audrey Luiz, Lara Fabian explains the choice of teachers

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The elimination of Audrey Louise on Sunday night on “Star Academy” was not so unanimous, that a petition was launched calling for her return.

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The young singer was among the favorites to win the competition this year, but teachers preferred Kristel over her last night during the Variété. The other candidate in danger, Eloi, was saved by the audience.

“I am very proud of my two friends. I am proud of myself too. It is not a bitter taste. It would be a lie to tell you I was not disappointed, of course I would have stayed, I would have liked to continue singing (…),” said Audrey Louise in an interview with TVA Nouvelles. .

Returning to the Academy, director Lara Fabian had to evaluate the decision she made with Gregory Charles and Gillen Tremblay.

“Tonight, from the moment the audience rescued Eloi, we watched the performances: your performances [Krystel] And that of Audrey Louise, which was also exceptional. The problem is that when you’re up against two exceptional people, you really have to adjust the line on the scalpel. And tonight, when this song embodied, for all that it embodied … the choice was made that way,” explained Lara during her autopsy.

“It is very difficult for us to commit ourselves to this choice, […] And we made this decision due to the fact that at the moment the service was deployed, it was completely unstoppable, irresistible, perfect and unique. We saw someone appear, in your stature, in your presence. It’s the kind of wonderful moment that sometimes happens at the Grammys or the Oscars, it’s kind of like what you touched tonight. It is a blessing that I touched this evening, and she really deserves to be saved,” continues the director.

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late monday afternoon, Online petition One of his fans has collected nearly 5,000 signatures.

Star Academy: Interview with Audrey Louise Beauséjour :

“I was so touched seeing this wave of love from people. I am doing this for them. It means I won in the end anyway.”

Despite her early elimination, Audrey Louise remains smiling and promises to return to the Quebec music scene soon.

“I’m planning to release an album either next year or next year. I’ve already started working on it with my friend who is a director. It would be really nice to be able to explore this together. We already have some compositions,” she says.

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