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In 2014, Martin Talbot, particularly at the helm Les Barnett seriesDirected by a warm, fictional feature film. At heart was Henry (played by Victor Andrés Trills Torgon), an orphaned, shy and idealistic young man, convinced that by changing the lamps he would be able to light up the lives of others, very kindly. Until he fell in love with a young teller who was forced to live in the dark.

Henry, Henry, Martin Talbot Photo: Les Films Crystal

In order to better penetrate the world of this tale with its undeniable charm, Martin Talbot has chosen and commented for us on his favorite excerpt from the scriptHenry Henry.

” Mine, Henry Henry It is a film that deals with identity and the search for origins. The main character, an orphan who does not even have a family name, wants above all to be noticed so as not to be invisible to all around him.

In the selected sequence, the story of Binot’s pickles bankruptcy – first identified – in favor of pickles no name Elsewhere, he shows that it is not always easy to hold on to the past to define who we are.

However, as Henry’s extravagant outfit proves, our existence isn’t because we’re brilliant. The secret may be elsewhere, within us. “

Henry Henry, on ICI Télé, Friday, July 16 at 11:34 p.m. Trailer (Source: YouTube)

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