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Star Académie: Fatigue invites herself to the academy

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Five weeks into the “Star Académie” season, fatigue is starting to show. Some academics seem to find it difficult to manage their energy and voice, but they also find it difficult to accept criticism from teachers.

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Only four academics were evaluated this week, and Sarah-Maud made a clear run against Lara Fabian, Gillen Tremblay and Gregory Charles.

Although her heart was beating before she entered the room, she felt ready to perform the song “To love Someone”. While Gillen and Lara were totally intrigued, Gregory confirmed the uncertain start to his performance. “I think your problem is mechanical. The attack is hesitant, but then you feel more confident. It fixes itself.”

Marilee accompanies herself on guitar on “Can’t Help Falling In Love”. Lara was the first to notice that the academic was not in great shape. “I feel everything your body is telling me, I understand your fatigue,” said the director. Guillen emphasized her audacity in dealing with such a legendary song, before calling on Marielle to take care of herself, to be less on duty and by the bed of her roommates.

Jeremy also said he was exhausted, but not necessarily from exhaustion. After leaving the evaluation room, he said he was “tired of always hearing the same comments”.

Country singer Morgan Wallen sang “Sand My Boots”. Guylaine Tremblay opened the hostilities by telling him, “Looks like you weren’t in it. I felt like I was hearing a lot from other country singers.”

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Gregory Charles added a layer. “I get the impression that you are judging the quality of what you are going to do according to the reaction you already had in the past. I don’t want to break you, I just want you to find the little piece you’re missing to progress.

Sandrine looked frantic before she entered the assessment room, and she did really poorly in ‘Story’. Lara’s face was quite clear as she gasped. The director argued, “I’ve been close to the level of accuracy the whole time. It was a long way from what you’ve shown us in the past.”

The teachers’ comments sparked a panic attack from the academy, who went to lock herself in the bathroom to cry.

So Sandrine, Jeremy and Marielle will have to defend their place in the academy during the next Variété. And since they all sang in English during the ratings, Lara Fabian allowed herself to tell them to be curious, open their eyes and find songs in French.

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