Star Académie semi-finals: Lunou performs a song that connects her to her mother

Lunou had a hard time choosing the right song to perform in the semifinals at star Academy.

Gregory Charles was a great help to her, as he suggested several titles in French, among them Left “of the French lady Daniel Christ.

Interesting in choosing this song is that her mother is a singer Luce Dufault, she captured the piece on her album Billions of things In 1998. Listen to the mother’s version at the end of the article.

With this song, Luno says he hopes. ” Do good for people who have sometimes held big secrets for too long and who just want to let go of them to feel lighter ».

On social media, viewers said they were excited about the young woman’s explanation. Watch some fan comments at the bottom of the article. It is true that this lucky song suits him wonderfully.

Note that Rosalie and Quiney have also offered premium services. After many procrastinations, Rosalie finally decided on her wonderful composition and Queenie came up with a strong version of the song. ” I Change. ”Posted by Jennifer Hudson. A vote that will surely be heartbreaking tonight! *

Remember, Jacob took the risk of predicting a winner Here.

* Update: Note that Luno finally won the semi-finals. So you will face William next Sunday in the Grand Final.

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