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Starline Project: Google developed a 3D screen for video calls that is older than life

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Jillian Castillo
Jillian Castillo
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After a very difficult year that forced millions of people to stay home without physical contact with each other, we had to settle down Bad cameras From our computers – Macs at the fore – and endless video meetings in postage format. On the occasion of the Google I / O conference, the search engine announced the Starline Project, an amazing video technology that gives the impression of speaking face to face with a loved one, even if the latter is on the other end of the world.

The project is similar to a photobooth booth that displays a large screen in front of the user. This is actually a 3D screen that displays the corresponding “human size”; Thanks to the sound effects, it is as if the person is right in front of it. Obviously, in this 2D video it’s hard to get an idea.

Beyond the technology, which is important between 3D capture of reporters and data compression, Google wanted to make talking naturally while ignoring the screen altogether. The technical achievement is great, but we won’t have this magic screen at home tomorrow the day before.

Google has installed some of its Starline booths in its US offices, while demos and auditions are being organized at a few partner companies.

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