Stefan Daniel won the bronze medal in the paratriathlon, while Camille Frenet took fourth place.

He completed the course in 59:22, 1:12 behind German winner and Paralympic champion Martin Schulz (58:10). Britain’s George Bisgood (58:55) came in second.

Daniel started the race well and came out of the water in third place after the 750m swim portion, behind Peasgood and Schulz.

Then the race portion started 2 minutes 20 seconds behind the leader, a huge delay. Schulz, impressive in the race, overtook Peasgood at the start of the second lap and never got worried again.

The 24-year-old Albertan has taken advantage of the pandemic to stay fit and focus on specific aspects of his training to improve his performance. I wanted to work specifically on my weakness, which is the bike. I think I’ve made good progress in the games, said the athlete before the games.

In June 2021, Stefan Daniel made a landslide comeback on the World Cup circuit by winning a gold medal at the World Cup in Spain. It was his first competition in 21 months.

Daniel’s record since his debut in the sport in 2013 is quite impressive. He has dominated his peers on the international stage, as evidenced by his four world titles (2015, 2017, 2018, 2019) and a silver medal five years ago at the Games in Rio. He could now add a bronze medal, which he won dearly in the infernal heat of the Japanese capital.

Freenet at the foot of the platform

For women, New Brunswicker Kamylle Frenette ranked fourth, still in the PTS5 category. She finished the race 2:33 from the third step on the podium, held by Britain’s Claire Cashmore.

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Athlete Dieppe came out of the swimming division in third place behind American Paralympic champion Grace Norman, and Britain’s Lauren Steadman. While moving into the bike department, the maple leaf rep was passed on by Cashmore.

She was fourth over four 5km laps before the start of the race portion. A 10-second penalty imposed on Cashmore to exploit the opponent’s tie allowed New Brunswicker to bridge the gap and hope for the podium, but to no avail.

That’s an impressive performance for the semi-athletic 25-year-old, who finished third on the World Cup circuit last June.

Stedman eventually got the gold, while Norman settled on the silver.

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