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Streets of Rage 4 révèle Max Thunder

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Action game Streets of Fury 4 About to add a new fighter: Max Thunder.

It will be included in DLC Mr X Nightmare It was announced earlier this month.

So Dotemu, Lizardcube and Guard Crush Games want to please fans of the series by choosing the classic character. In fact, Max Thunder is an Old Man: The Former Wrestler was first seen in Streets of Fury 2.

This is also the last time Max Thunder was introduced in playable form. His role in Streets of Rage 3 was limited to appearing in a movie scene. In Streets of Rage 4, players opposed as boss.

The developers are keeping the same treatment for another in-game boss, Estel, who will join the celebrations as a seasoned fighter in Streets of Rage 4.

About Mr X Nightmare DLC and Max Thunder content

Fighting continues in Wood Oak City

After the events of Streets of Rage 4, our heroes wanted to prepare for future threats. Axel, Blaze and their buddies will be participating in a very insane training thanks to Dr. Zan, who has developed an AI program using parts of Mister X’s brain that simulates all kinds of risks they might face.

With this new downloadable content, prepare to discover:

  • 3 new playable characters
  • New survival mode with weekly challenges
  • Character customization: Invent your fighting style with new moves
  • New weapons and new enemies!

Streets of Rage 4 is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Switch, and Xbox One. Visit her official website here:

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