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Student Vote Canada

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Young people participate in discussions about the future of the country, research party platforms and evaluate party leaders as well as local candidates. at the time of In the final activity, students vote for the official candidates competing in their school’s electoral district.

More than 7,500 schools, from 338 Canadian regions, have registered to participate in the programme.

“The teachers’ response has been exceptional and reflects their continued commitment to this exercise. We sincerely thank the teachers who took the time to participate in the program, given that it takes place during the first weeks of the school year.” Taylor Jenn, chief of CIVIX.

It is the most important parallel electoral program in the world, in terms of scope, depth and measurable effectiveness.

CIVIX cooperates with elections Canada To submit a student voting program Canada to schools during federal elections since 2004.

“We are proud to invest in student voting Canada So that schools across the country can provide this learning experience to their students. The research showed that students who participated in the program had a greater intent to vote, a greater interest in politics and debate as well as a better understanding of civic life issues,” stated Stephane Perrault, Director General of Elections. Canada.

The results of student voting for the constituency are calculated and announced after the polls close on September 20.

about us

Student Vote is a CIVIX programme. Student vote Canada It is presented in conjunction with the elections Canada.

CIVIX is a registered non-partisan Canadian charity with a mission to promote the skills and habits of active and informed citizenship among school-age youth.

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elections Canada It is an independent, non-partisan body that reports directly to Parliament.

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For more information: To receive information on participating schools in your area or to talk to participants about their experience, you may contact the following people: Anne-Sophie Spiranski – [email protected] or 1 833 503-3366 for inquiries in French; Dan Alan – [email protected] or 1-866-488-8775 for inquiries in English

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