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Study shows that soybeans can reduce hot flashes

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When facing menopause, the majority of women experience vasomotor symptoms including night sweats and hot flashes. US researchers at George Washington University recently discovered that a special diet can alleviate these symptoms. According to their work published in the magazine on July 12, 2021 old ageA diet rich in soybeans can reduce hot flashes by 84%.

A diet rich in soybeans is effective against hot flashes

Medications containing estrogen are by far the most effective way to relieve hot flashes. However, many studies have found that it increases the risk of breast cancer and can lead to other serious health problems. But could a diet change change the rules of the game for postmenopausal women?

According to the authors of the American study, a plant-based diet rich in soy can significantly reduce psychomotor manifestations such as hot flashes and night sweats.

To reach these conclusions, the researchers tested the above diet on postmenopausal women who experience at least two or more hot flashes during the day. The participants were divided into two groups. For 12 weeks, the first followed a vegan, fat-free diet enriched with ½ cup of cooked soy per day while the second continued his regular diet.

Hot flashes reduce frequency of a vegan, fat-free diet enriched with new soybean study

The researchers found a reduction in the number of daily hot flashes in the vegetarian women: from 5 to 1 daily. In addition, about 60% of these women were able to get rid of their puffiness completely. Improvements in mood and energy were also recorded. In contrast, no change was found in the control group.

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But what are these results? Experts explain these improvements through the isoflavones that intestinal bacteria convert into eukol. Some previous studies say that the latter contains a non-steroidal compound that reduces the frequency and severity of hot flashes.


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