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Subscription management menu is different

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If you are an Apple customer, there is a menu accessible from your iPhone settings that allows you to Monitor your different packages Signed up through the App Store. This is where access to Apple Arcade, Apple TV+, or Apple Music comes in. At the moment, the Apple brand is also taking the opportunity to promote the Apple One offer that combines these different services, This raises the doubts of some lawmakers.

If you updated to iOS 15.5 for a little over a month, you should notice that this interface has changed somewhat. Whereas previously sorting information wasn’t as effective, we can now Differentiate between active and inactive subscriptions In the blink of an eye thanks to the extra space on the side of the design.

To facilitate additional purchases?

As we saw on our iPhone equipped with iOS 16 in beta (this version is also affected by the change), we also notice that the button for Resubscribe To a subscription that has now been canceled is greater. This may encourage some users to retain their loyalty again, but the options to stop or change the plan have also been expanded.

Currently, iOS 15.4 does not come with these changes. However, the content of the subscription list is displayed in the format web viewWhich means Apple doesn’t need a major iPhone update to release improvements to it. So it is possible that older versions of the operating system will also be entitled to use these new settings in a few days.

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Manage your subscriptions with iOS 15 or iOS 16

To access the list of subscriptions, the procedure is as follows:

  1. Access the Settings app from an iPhone or iPad with at least iOS 15 or iPadOS 15
  2. Tap your profile picture in the top right, next to your name
  3. touch Subscriptions

This is where you can also choose Share your packages automatically with your family When applications provide it. Feature at the discretion of publishers, which resonates Other similar settings are provided for parents and their children.

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