Summary of the American Premier League for September 20, 2021 – American: Salvador Perez broke the record at home

Cleveland – Salvador Perez finished 46th of the season, breaking Johnny Bench’s record for a wide future, defeating the Kansas City Royals, the Cleveland Indians 7-2, in Game One before completing a double program, to win Game Two 4-2.

Perez hit a two-stage long shot in the fifth inning, lowering the Punch mark that has held steady since 1970.

“It was great,” Perez said. Thank God for this moment. It is unusual. “

Perez also joined Toronto Blue Jays player Vladimir Guerrero Jr. at the top of the First Division. Perez also sits #1 with 115 RBIs.

Mike Matheny, director of the royal family, considered himself lucky to be able to witness this moment.

“It’s hard to get. With the long history of this sport and all the good players that have been involved in it. To see Salvador achieve something like this is extraordinary,” said Matini.

Perez jumped a throw from Triston Mackenzie into the bleachers of left field. The bullet traveled 429 feet.

Perez faced the bench Thursday night in Kansas City. He has only hit one hit in his last 13 appearances on the series against the Seattle Mariners.

He blasted the future of Royal Family One Song in the first half against the Indians and made his presence felt in defense by removing Miles Straw in an attempt to steal the second plate.

“First of all, he’s a very good hitter. Then Mackenzie insisted he’s a really good receiver, on Perez. By taking out Straw early in the game, he reduced our momentum somewhat. He can still make you pay for your mistakes and he has done that.” .”

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Hunter Dozier and Andrew Benintende also beat Homer from two royal duties.

Brady Singer (5-10), who was back in the lineup before the game, allowed two runs in seven runs on the hill for the Kansas City forces.

McKenzie (5-7) allowed seven runs in four innings one-third of the action.

In the second match, Andres Jimenez scored a home defeat.

Domingo Tapia signed the win, his third win in as many decisions.

Elsewhere in America:

White Sox 3 – Tigers 4

CWS: The White Sox may confirm their first title in 13 years in the U.S. Quarterfinals on Tuesday
DET: Harold Castro singles break in eighth game tie 3-3

Astros 10 – Angels 0

HOU: Marwin Gonzalez won the Grand Slam and the Astros came close to the title in the American West. Shohei Ohtani was 0 on 4.
LAA: Angels allowed 17 hits

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