Summoners War Lost Centuria is preparing to launch on April 29th

It’s hard not to know Summoners War, the turn-based strategy PvP game that has been stalking Twitch for years, but did you know? Summoner Wars Lost Centoria. A direct sequel to Sky Arena and set in the same universe, the new Com2Us title is preparing to launch on April 29th with real-time gameplay.

After a movie scene a few months ago, Summoners War: Lost Centuria this week presents us with a video detailing the novelties and noticeable differences with its predecessors: new graphics, a new interface, new monsters, many animations and replayability, especially the new fighting styles that await. Veterans put the license to the test.

“It is up to players to create a balanced lineup and choose the right time to drop their trumps and defeat their opponent in dynamic, real-time combat.” It remains to be seen how the competitive world will adopt this new approach.

Below you can also find a cinematic scene that evokes the fictional universe of Summoners War and explains the new story of Summoner Wars Lost Centuria. As a reminder, Summoners War: Lost Centuria launched April 29th on iOS and Android.

Erwan Lavleurel is the Editor-in-Chief of IGN France. A video game slave of 40 years, he only escapes occasionally, mourning his defeats Twitter.

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