Point, this pet has amazing characteristics

This Monday, a close-up of the dot…the dot, which was already a star in biology and who will become a star because it will share the daily life of Thomas Pesquet on the International Space Station. I thought I knew more or less this funny, canary-yellow organism, jelly like English pudding and of strange virtues. But I found an article from m, world magazine, And frankly I was far from it, the bubble is just awesome.

To summarize, let’s say it is a single-celled organism that is neither an animal nor a plant, not even a fungus. Something that can’t be categorized then, but has intelligence, and even great learning abilities. What is remarkable about itIt has neither a brain nor neurons. Put him at the entrance to a maze, and he will find on his own the shortest way to the oatmeal deposited at the exit, it is his favorite food.

If you plant it in the middle of many foods, it will unfold like a tentacle to go everywhere. Point also has amazing regeneration capabilities. Cut it in half, it heals in less than three minutes. Bring it closer to monolithic, and they will merge. Let us add that this protozoan, which has neither legs nor fins, can reach a maximum speed of four meters per second, thanks to a venous network capable of generating movements. In short, an alien disguised as SpongeBob.

“ignoring suffering”

It has been on Earth since 500 million years. And he became the star of the SVT classes. Because you can do a lot of fun experiments with pip. For example, putting it in front of a pile of salt and seeing it come back at full speed. We can also make him change color by making him swallow natural dyes, or subject him to the worst kinds of torture to check if he is really immortal.

“Ignores suffering insofar as there is no nervous system”, identifies researcher Audrey Dessottor. “But that doesn’t stop it from responding to stress, like a plant.” It’s more fun than a plant, however, which explains Dot’s success as a pet. Because yes, on the site beautiful corner, we find the points in the Animals category. There was no “sticky stranger things” category. They are offered by half a dozen breeders: blobshop, adopt un blob, etc.

for 20 to 40 euros, They sell you grow kits and a dried version of the point. To wake it up, a few drops of water are enough, then it becomes completely viscous again. A real little mucus plant, even. One of its variants is also nicknamed “dog vomit” by the English. In the wild, it is found on dead wood or rotting fruit, but it takes luck.

Control your growth

To breed a bubble, you do not need any special scientific skills. The main difficulty is managing the growth of the monster. If you forget to feed him, he will come out of his crate looking for something to snack on, and if you cross the other blobs you are wandering around they will merge.

Fortunately, we can also put the stain to rest “simply by stopping wetting it. As Audrey Dussautter points out, “there aren’t a lot of pets you can put to sleep before you go on vacation.” Leave and wake up after a month.”

Can we pet his bubble, talk to him? “Yes, “says the researcher, it is recommended.” “The results are not the same if you handle it carefully. From a good breeder, we also say he has a ‘yellow hand’, as a good gardener has a ‘green hand.’ Some call him, Bernard, Roger. In fact, all he lacks is the word;” or re ball,” as one amateur puts it.

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