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Swimmers give Canada the first medal at the Tokyo Games

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Kayla Sanchez, Margaret McNeil, Rebecca Smith and Penny Oleksiak put in a solid performance, finishing behind Australia but ahead of the United States. The Australians were untouchable with a time of 3:29 and 69/100, a world record.

Canada (3: 32.78) narrowly outperformed the United States (3: 32.81). The team can say thank you to the last torchbearer, Benny Oleksiak.

She earned the medal for her team with the third split time. Oleksiak completed the 100 meters in 52.26 seconds and in the last 50 passed American Simone Manuel, with whom she shared the gold medal in the 100 meters freestyle in Rio.

I knew I wouldn’t touch the third wall. I wanted a silver medal for these girls! I wouldn’t accept anything elseOleksiak said as he left the pond.

Canadian swimmers in the 4x100m race

Photo: Getty Images / Attila Kisbenedek

Upon receiving their medals, members of the Canadian team passed the precious thing around their necks, as Games officials are not allowed to do so this year due to COVID-19.

We are a very young team. It’s good to see all of our potential, even if it’s clear we’re not really bad, Kayla Sanchez said after receiving her award. I am so proud of us.

It means everything to us [cette médaille]. We were pushing each other in training every day. It is unusual.

Quote from:Rebecca Smith

More medals will come. I’m excited to see what we can do in the coming days especially in the relayOleksiak, who was hoping to win other medals, said Canada could win in swimming. Margaret McNeill must also compete in the 100m butterfly final.

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The 21-year-old Ontario adds a fifth Olympic medal to her record, following her four medals in Rio in 2016. She thus equals the Canadian record at the Summer Games, whose rower she shares. Leslie Thompson Willie and the Runner Phil Edwards.

Taylor Rock, who competed in the relay qualifiers, will also take the silver. McNeil took his place in the final.

Canada won six medals in swimming in Rio, all in the women’s competition.

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