“Camelot – Part One”: Alexander Astaire, independence and sincerity

Last time new episodes of the TV series Camelot It was introduced in 2009. Since then, fans have been able to spot the comics and today, the first feature film has finally hit theaters. Alexander Astaire reprises the role of Arthur and looks at his experience and approach…as well as commenting on the fact that the film is now on board the International Space Station!

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A Real Man Orchestra, Alexander Astaire is the screenwriter, director, actor – he who embodies King Arthur again – and music composer, for the series and the movie.

Camelot – Part 1 Ten years after the events of Sixth book From CamelotWhile the kingdom of Lugris is still in the hands of Lancelot (Thomas Couso), who called Saxon mercenaries. At the same time, Arthur Pendragon returns.

In addition to the indestructible personalities, believers find Christian Clavier as legal advisor or Alain Chabat, Duke of Aquitaine. But there are many surprises. And so, just to name a few, Sting (yes, the singer) turns into Horsa, Saxon, and Guillaume Gallienne effectively turns into Alzagar, roles that Alexander Astaire wrote for the measure “never write characters without knowing who’s going to play them”. “

thoughtful approach

No improvisation in the group. Alexandre Astaire previously composed the music, then edited the feature film based on pieces recorded by Orchester de Lyon.

“I’ll be honest, the first impression that comes when you make the movie and get out of the show is that it’s easier to make the movie. I don’t see it as a series of challenges, because I think the main challenge is Camelot As a series it operated in a “fantasy heroic” environment, with TV series budget constraints. It was absolutely necessary that we propose, and we believe that … ”, explains Alexandre Astaire, who was joined in France by the agency QMI by video link.

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“In the movie, we go there. If there are pirate ships, we go to the sea and do that. We fly 6000 kilometers to go to Oman. This is all a budget story too, but the feature film is easier to put the comic characters at great risk. I felt it was easier to tell.” What I had to say in a feature film environment.”

Presale tickets for Camelot – Part 1 It was a hit on the other side of the Atlantic, with available seats selling out in minutes. Television series have also been popular, and have even been the subject of dissertations, conferences, or symposia. How Alexander Astaire explains the attraction to CamelotWhich is now an integral part of popular culture?

He answers, “I can’t explain it to myself.” Because it happened without me taking care of it. The result is, in fact, some popularity. definitely prestige; After that, prestige size…”

“This popular success has been achieved by a man who says exactly what he wants, and in the tone he wants, regardless of the success and popularity of the result. So my recipe is not to look at this. I can be happy about it, I can be proud of it and I can be happy, But it can’t change what I do and it can’t influence trends.”

“You must remain impartial about all this. Moreover, I am quite willing to offend all these people. Not on purpose, not out of provocation, but out of honesty. If they don’t like what I’m doing, that’s fine. That’s it. Life, I’m ready for it, it’s okay. So I can’t really explain to myself success Camelot. »

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Camelot Expected on the International Space Station

Thomas Pesquet is a French astronaut who flew to the International Space Station last April for six months. Alexander Esther tells how a copy of Camelot – Part 1 Ended up in space…

“The astronauts have a kind of ‘entertainment package’ that they take there for the rare period in which they are allowed a little bit of quiet. I learned that Thomas Pesquet has ordered a production Camelot To be able to take episodes of the series. That’s when I learned that he loved the series.”

“I knew he’d be in space when the movie was released. I offered him, in private, to manage myself so he could see it. He liked it and we put it into action. At the same time, ‘fans’ started signing petitions for me to send the film, but it was Already on the way! I didn’t want it to go public, nor did I want to see it as fictitious promotion.”

“The space is big, but its border is not far from us, after all. I think Thomas Pesquet is less than 200 kilometers from us, which means you are. [au Québec, NDLR] Far further from me than Thomas Bisket! I think it contributes to pushing the frontiers of space back, that is, all this closer and closer, I want as evidence of his “tweets” and the constant connection he guards with the Earth, while being the commander of the space station. “

“I find it surreal that the movie is out there. I find it surreal that people who experience things like microgravity, above us, in space, take the time to see a movie, let alone mine. I find that very moving and very moving. I’m going to see the movie with the audience , in the theaters, but I confess I would have really loved to watch it, there, with Pesquet.”

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Camelot – Part 1 It premiered in theaters across the county on July 23.

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