System Shock 3: Buried Project?

Enterprise life is never a long, calm river. The huge reports we see today attest to that. Sometimes it reaches the point of absolute and simple cancellation of the games in question. You may belong to this last category 3 . shock system If we want to believe Interview given for VentureBeat Written by Warren Spector who was at the helm until then…

Arlesian who became conservative

Anxiety has been at the heart of everything about this game for a long time. Already in 2020, when the development stage was faltering and OtherSide Entertainment was struggling to reassure the state of progress, It has been a remarkable change that has occurred. Tencent subsequently became the owner of the site as well as the highly anticipated fourth episode.

This contact was the last we were entitled to, leaving the audience waiting for the title’s release in the greatest anticipation. What we learn today is not reassuring Since the symbolic captain of the team announced that he left the ship for some time, it seems. He even revealed to us that the studio was actually only going to work on this sequel between 2018 and 2019, underlining the fragility of the plans at this time.

There is not much to say in the state. Tencent holds the franchise. It is up to them to say what they want to do with it. I can’t give you more details.

As laconic as it is jewellery, the suspension has the advantage of clarity: Tencent has the keys to the truck and a future 3 . shock system It will depend solely on his decision. Little hope, if any, in any instance of seeing it land in the near future. And it would be without Warren Spector, who’s already working on another project he’d be more fun to do.

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New licenses on the horizon

Although he lamented the pandemic crisis that had done so much damage to the creative process as a whole, creator The former god And the Mickey’s Epic Determined to make his imagination speak again. It embodies what comes out of it. This is how he announces a brand new game that he seems to have a lot of ambition about.

Fans of my work already know what to expect: an immersive world and storytelling that players can influence through their choices and the way they play. It will be a very deep game. There will be a very diverse set of required actions and achievements.

On this occasion, another industrial figure joins the team as Jeff Goodsill. This access corresponds to The studio’s desire to work on new licenses and concepts.

Could bad news herald a better tomorrow for the studio? and lo 3 . shock system It hasn’t been officially canceled, it looks like it’s been put in pretty big brackets… For a new, more interesting and ambitious project?

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