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Tanks for Ukraine. The pressure on Berlin stops, London wants to send competitors

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According to French sources Politico portal The aim of the initiative is to force Berlin to agree to deliver the Leopard 2 tank before January 22, when French and German politicians sign a memorandum of understanding on mutual partnership and cooperation at a joint summit.

Same references from Varava. The government of Mateusz Moravich wants to form a broad coalition of European countries that want to send a message to Kyiv and supply the Ukrainian army with tanks produced by the Munich arms company KMW. In addition to Poland and Germany, European users of Leopard include, for example, Spain, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Norway and Finland.

Farava claims he only wants to send a few tigers to Ukraine as a symbolic gesture. The song will also depend on how quickly the Polish army will receive the American M1 Abrams tanks and the South Korean K2 Black Panther machines. However, it was mainly about breaking German resistance and getting them to agree at least to re-export.

Poland can teach the leopards to Ukraine only within the framework of a coalition of several countries. Two weeks ago, I spoke about it with Chancellor Olaf Scholz in Brussels, and I think we will be arrested the next day, Moravicki announced on Saturday.

For months, Germany had been resisting pressure to supply the Leopard with the fact that Ukraine didn’t get the day of the tank’s breakdown. But last week, that argument was fueled by French President Macron, who promised to supply AMX-10 RC vehicles in a phone call with Volodymyr Zelensky. This can be classified as a light wheeled tank with a beer of both.

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Make sure of the latest information, that it is about how to break the current taboo on supplying fallen weapons and pin the Germans to the wall. Baked by Macron and Zelensky. An anonymous source from the Macron administration indicated that it was arranged to break the German and American resistance to adding tanks, and pointed to the American reluctance to supply Ukraine with Abrams tanks.

Last week, Joe Biden and Olaf Schultz announced the delivery of fifty American Bradley fighting vehicles and German Mardier machines.

Leclerc tanks were also given to France by the Ukrainians. The French government is assessing the order, but also warns that the main battle tank for the French army was not produced in 2008, so the Ukrainians will have to go through a lot of trouble with its repairs and replacement of its guns.

No such problems happen with the Leopard 2. The KMW armory has hundreds of them in its warehouse, just like the rest of the country. Ukrainians can serve them across the border in Poland. Finland has 239 tigers in its arsenal, though not hundreds, but some are still in poor condition.

Great Britain entered the dance scales for Ukraine on Monday. According to the Sky News TV station, the government invites ten Challenger 2 tanks to Kyiv, but a final decision has not yet been made.

Twenty years ago, no more than ten tons of machines armed with a 120-mm cannon could be produced. Britain has 227 of them in service. For example, in 2003, during battles with units of the Irish Republican Guard near Basra, one of the tanks was hit twice by a Milan anti-tank missile during the half-hour battle, 12 tanks were hit. times with an RPG-7 grenade launcher.

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The main reason for the so-called defiant offer is to understand the part of the coordinated pressure on Germany to allow the import of Panthers into Ukraine. Pressure on Berlin is mounting at a time when the Russian army is on the rise Those attacks killed the dunk area He managed to take control of the inner part of Solidar City.

In mid-December, the Ukrainian General Topa publicly asked about the fallen tanks. I know how to beat this bastard. But I need resources. I need 300 tanks, 600 and 700 military combat vehicles and 500 howitzers, Valerie Zaloni told The Economist.

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