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One Russian aircraft carrier is unable to move. Who is responsible for this?

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Armada and the Russian Federation are trying to take responsibility for bringing Russia’s only aircraft carrier to critical condition, I wrote Ukrainian divorce. The newspaper “TK” reported that the Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft network is in a state of decay.

The ship is now located at the 35th Ship Repair Center in Murmansk. Russian media at the end of last year I noticed, e Rusov lo pesunou from drydock on December 20 pim will continue about msc. Two days later, Lieutenant’s name.

Workers at the dock pulled him out, but according to Ukrainian intelligence, Rossov has made practically no progress with the work since then. While trying to transfer the ship from dry dock to one of the shipyard’s anchors, it turned out that Admiral Kuznetsov was not able to get away from himself.

The Russians at least wanted the boat to be anchored by tugboat. It appears that the hull was in such a critical condition that the boat would likely sink or capsize if they tried to manipulate the ship.

Dock workers discovered that the metal structures below the surface were badly corroded. The cargo spaces are filled with standing water, so the ship cannot be examined from the outside.

The command of the Northern Fleet imposed a fine of 1.5 billion rubles (about 480 million crowns) on the shipyard for the inability to meet deadlines and an unfulfilled contract. The shipyard director denied any wrongdoing and claimed that the chief military representatives who oversaw the progress of the ship’s repairs were to blame.

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The Russian Admiral Kuznetsov has been under repair since 2017, when the ship was moving from the Mediterranean Sea, where it witnessed military operations in Syria. At the time, it was an old-looking aircraft, which had blackened while sailing across the English Channel d mvyvolval ve svt posmky.

Lo provz smla in the long run. In June 2018, a floating dock in Murmansk sank at the exact moment the Admiral Kuznetsov was sailing. The ship hit one of the two falling cranes. A year later, the spark from the candle’s action led to paralysis to.

March 2021 Zadrili fa Lodnice 10 in the city of Polyarny, Murmansk region, Yevgeny Zudin for 45 million rubles for ship repairs. According to Zadin, the surveyor reported long hours of work on the fuel wells, not the actual condition.

The Russians originally planned the end of the Admiral Kuznetsov reforms for 2022, but later moved it to 2024 on the understanding that combat capabilities would be upgraded at the same time. According to Ukraine’s intelligence service, it is now uncertain when the car will be operational again.

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