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Team Lightning is delighted to have Corey Berry on their roster

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Corey Berry signed with Tampa Bay Lightning on July 29. He thinks Lightning’s chances of winning the Stanley Cup are good.

It must be said that Lightning won the Stanley Cup in the last two seasons in the NHL. Lightning faced Corey Berry in these two finals. Perry played with the Dallas Stars and the Montreal Canadiens.

My colleague Marc-Olivier Cook wrote to you about the fact that some players were delighted with Perry’s arrival in training.

Other members of the organization, including head coach John Cooper, also wanted to share his thoughts on Berry making their roster on the official Tampa Bay Lightning website.

Coach John Cooper can officially see what Corey Perry can bring to his team.

“When you encounter him, you mostly remember him because he is always annoying, but he does things that help win matches. However, his skills are also great.”

– John Cooper

He adds that Perry is a player that all teams wish to include in their list.

“It allows you to have a real appreciation for him and to understand why the teams would want to join him. It is no surprise that the teams have gone such a long way in qualifying with him on their roster.”

– John Cooper

Captain Stephen Stamkos is also happy to have Corey Perry on his team.

“We see him every day and know what he can do. I am excited to have the opportunity to play for the same team as him this year after some of the good fights that have characterized the past few years.”

– Stephen Stamkos

Stamkos also noted that Perry did not lose sight of his skills.

“His skills don’t go away. That’s how the league goes. He comes with a team that gives him a chance and remains an outstanding player. One can see his abilities to complete games. You can see his understanding of hockey, where he puts the puck and where he goes when he rushes into the net.”

– Stephen Stamkos

One thing is for sure, Perry will be of great help with his new lineup. He is a great team leader. He is not afraid to disturb his opponents and completes matches well.

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Perry will try to win the Stanley Cup for a second time. He won the cup in 2007.

He will be sorely missed by his former Canadian team.

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