Tennis: Long bathroom breaks may soon be a thing of the past

There will be a change in the rules regarding bathroom breaks and medical breaks in the fieldA source from the ATP told Reuters.

This comes a few weeks after the arrival of Greek Stefanos Tsitsipas Andy Murray accuses him of acting When the player took a long break of about eight minutes at an important point in the first round match.

The world number 3, winner of the match, denied the accusations, saying he had not broken any rules because there was no time limit for such a break.

The Briton, outraged, claimed that the turmoil had affected the outcome of the duel.

Andy Murray during his US Open first round match against Stefano Tsitsipas

Photo: Getty Images/Elsa

In the next match against Frenchman Adrien Mannarino, Tsitsipas remained in the locker room for more than seven minutes after losing the third set. On his return, the crowd at Arthur Ashe Stadium told him they weren’t satisfied.

I think it has reached the point where it definitely becomes a big deal, said the source, who wanted to remain anonymous. It’s been an issue for a long time, but we’re now taking a very serious approach to trying to change it.

I hope that before the start of next season in January we will have a stricter rule on toilet breaks and medical breaks.

On the female side, the Women’s Tennis Association She mentioned that she was Always open to conversation and changing the rules if changes are needed.

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