Tetris 99: Ahead, the announcement of the 23rd Grand Prix, will be the winning Zelda theme: Skyward Sword HD!

Not long ago, legend of zelda sword skyward Moved to Switch And continues to divide the players. However, this version called “HD” has something to impress specialists, nintendo She did her best to adapt this old adventure on the current home console. If you are a big Tetris 99 player and a fan of this episode the legend of zeldaBig news, the company announces a collaboration between the titles.

Thus, 23 Grand prize It has been announced and will run from August 6, 9:00 AM to August 9, 8:59 AM!

To participate, you must be a Nintendo Switch Online member and have played Tetris 99 online during the event period. You will earn points based on your ranking in each match. Once you get a total of 100 points, a new theme will unlock, with a Tetrimino background, music and designs inspired by the recently released The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD game!

For those interested, leave your calendar behind.

You can buy a card Nintendo Switch Online subscription on Amazon.

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