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The astonishment of Qunun’s followers

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The prophecy foretold a great “storm”. The mass arrest of “satanic traitors” was imminent, as was the expulsion of the Democrats elected to Guantanamo, the military revolt against Joe Biden, followed by a complete “blackout” of the Internet in order to restore democracy and the presidency of Donald Trump. The astonishment of Qunun’s followers: None of this happened on Wednesday.

Tristan BilokinTristan Bilokin

Months after Donald Trump’s infallible “plan” was invoked in his online magazines, the celebrated influencer Alexis Cossett Trudel, who has been a major contributor to QAnon’s conspiracy theses in Francophone, appeared puzzled by the post-opening words of the president: “We’re still giving ourselves away.” Some time guys… there are a lot of contradictions between the events of the post-election period […] And what just happened. I’ve been cautious for quite some time now … I’ll make a general statement [jeudi] He made a promise on his page on the Russian social network VK, where it has been entrenched since his removal by Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

Among the many comments obtained from its publication, several of Q’s followers, an alleged US military officer whose enigmatic “drops” were in the origin of the conspiracy movement, appeared dazed. “I’m sick, disgusted and afraid of what lies ahead because in addition to his support, Q has made us goals today!” Someone wrote.

“Come, there, we will be in 2034, as we estimate, and worse still, we will still say, ‘Trust the plan’ … that is if we do not make slaves of the Chinese Empire there,” another writes.

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Despite reports from the US authorities that armed militias and far-right groups had planned to attack public institutions, Joe Biden’s swearing-in took place peacefully. Groups denouncing “electoral fraud” have not demonstrated massively in Washington. The rallies, including armed members of the Three Percenters extremist movement, were held outside the capital cities of Michigan, Florida, Georgia and Arizona, but US media did not report any outbreak.

If cracks appear in the Qunun façade, the movement is not prepared to lower its flag for all of this. According to numerous posts read on various platforms, something “big” will come within “30 days,” the new deadline for Donald Trump’s secret “plan”.

On the messaging platform that became popular with conspirators after the Capitol Uprising, the “Awakened” searched for clues hidden in the styles of the dress Melania Trump wore as she disembarked Air Force One in Florida.

“Stay at home. The silent war continues,” declared one of the most famous Qanoun forums, for her part, one of them promised, at the beginning of the evening, to use the national telephone alert network to make an advertisement … which does not exist. It is never produced.

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