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William St. Louis finished third in the 2021 Skate Canada Challenge

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Snowboarding. Partners on Ice For only a few months, William St. Louis and Megan Fredt finished 3e Among the youngsters during the Skate Canada Challenge presented January 8-10 in a virtual edition.

This is the best result obtained so far by Shaoyenigan on the national stage. A former member of Tourne-Sol and Ook-Pic CPA as well as in the sports studies of the skiing program at the Académie des Estacades, William St-Louis has worked for just over a year at the Académie Performance Isatis (API) in Chambly. It was there that he started training last summer with his partner Megan Fredt from El Awais.

“We weren’t planning to compete this season, but looking at the default formula presented, we decided to go. And it worked out well in the end,” the 19-year-old smiles.

At the beginning of December, a photographer came to photograph the shows of the couples participating in each training center: a short program and a long program. “she was One hit“With no chance of recovery if we miss the shot,” William explains. Then a montage was produced in various sequences and everything was broadcast on Skate Canada’s website with the results posted.

The St. Louis-Friedt couple missed 2e Walking on the platform in dirt, 128.33 points against 128.57 for Kelly Ann Lauren and Lucas Ether. That bodes well for the next season, believes Shaoyenigan, who started out in snowboarding at the age of nine.

“I was playing hockey but I quarreled with my coach and quit. Then I started watching my sister who was skiing. I told him to laugh,“ I’ll show you how to do it. ”From there, I discovered a passion.

An extraordinary skater

In the world of snowboarding, William St-Louis stands out at 6 feet 6 inches, excluding the average height of male skaters nationally and internationally is around 5 feet 6 inches. The gap is more evident with his partner Megan who is 5 feet 2 inches tall.

It has its advantages and disadvantages, explains Shaoinigan. When you’re tall and stretching, it’s beautiful because it’s fluid but the slightest mistake appears more than if you were young. It’s also a physical problem too. The older you are, the more you are in the wind. So it requires more physical effort. “. When he threw her partner in the air during their actions, Megan found herself 11 feet above the ground by William’s account.

With such an encouraging result, the couple intend to resume training in the coming months in anticipation of the next season which we hope will start at the end of July. “We have two years left with the juniors, but if we progress well as it looks like we have started, we can transfer to the adults in 2022. We would like to participate in an international competition next season,” concludes Shaoinigan, who has already participated in the World Junior Championships. His rivalry happened in Poland in 2019 with another partner and where they finished ninth.

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