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The Atticamico National Council celebrates its 40th anniversary

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Desiring to unite their power and form a common front in the recognition of their rights and claims, the Wemotaci, Manawan and Opitciwan communities have, 40 years ago, established the Atikamekw / Atikamekw Sipi (National Assembly)National Assembly Atikamico)

Even if there are some differences that distinguish them, they share the same language, the same history associated with their lands. We all have family ties, ties that unite us through time. The Atikamuk Nation Council It somehow became an expression of this desire at a particular time. Constant Uachech, Grand President of the Atticamco Nation, explains in an interview with the program direct.

In addition to the desire to defend their territorial rights and claims, there was also a desire to defend their interests in terms of social justice.

And a long way to go

over the years, Atikamuk Nation Council He developed his expertise in several areas and made many services available to the communities, as Constant Ouachache says: We have the economic sector, we have the human resource development and administration sector and the political sector which is the office of the supreme president as well.

Added to this is the important social services sector Onikam, which has a 37.5 agreement, which allows it to create its own youth protection system.

Today, Atikamekw’s confidence level towards National Assembly Atikamco It stands at 94%.

What is left to be done?

For the Grand Head of the Atticamico Nation, the defense of territorial integrity at two levels of government remains an important issue: It is to demand a better position in management, to demand recognition of our capabilities, and recognition of our ability to contribute equally to society.

For this, there is still a lot of representation, education and awareness among the population and elected officials who change every four years Constant Awash admits: To be able to make everyone realize that Atikamekw can indeed be allies, partners and collaborators for the future of our society.

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Upcoming celebrations

Throughout the year, the fortieth anniversary of National Assembly Atikamco It will be highlighted by several activities: on the National Day of the Indigenous Peoples, June 21, as well as September 8, the day that celebrates the proclamation of their sovereignty in 2014.

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