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The beginning of a new era for Aluets

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Virginia Whitehead
Virginia Whitehead
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The era of Harry Jones is over, and the reign of Danny Macciusia has begun for the Montreal Alois, who are preparing for their first game on the orders of the new coach, who also serves as the general manager.

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The players remain the same, but a change in training location will bring a breath of fresh air to the club. Maciocia led her first full practice on Sunday, after a light day on Friday. The Alouettes will have a chance to give Maciocia their first victory on Thursday when they visit Edmonton to take on the Elks.

“It’s a change. I like ideology. I have an idea how it is [entraîne]What are his expectations, said Marc-Antoine Decoy, by phone, after training. It went well. We already have [embarqué dans son système]. We are here to do our work, and for the rest, we adapt. We are ready for Game Thursday, against Edmonton.”

Dequoy is one of the outstanding people who already knows Maciocia and, above all, his way of doing things, because he played under his orders during his stay at the university, between 2016 and 2019, with the Carabins of the University of Montreal. Quebecers will also be willing to help teammates better understand the new game system if they need it, but such a service could cost them a bonus.

“[Danny Maciocia] He is a very open person, his door is always open. Communication for him is very important. He does not have any secrets, so only players are comfortable with Danny. If there are little things, I can give them advice. The main interested party joked.

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Separating human relations from football

Decoy, like many of his teammates, was smitten with former head coach Harry Jones, who was sacked after watching his team lose three of their first four games of the 2022 season.

However, the thief assures that all the players in the locker room have advanced and are ready to move on.

“The hardest part about all of this is having the human behind it. As elsewhere, getting fired or losing your job is always [une question] From merchant With the human side behind it all. “He had a family, he was a really appreciated person and he was a very good person,” said Decoy.

“You have to be able to make a difference between work and human relationships. Of course, saying ‘goodbye’ to Khari, the person, is, like anything else, much more difficult, but then, you still have to be professional. It remains that you have to be able to Adaptation, no matter who is training [groupe d’entraîneurs]. We’re professional players, we’re on the field, and we play with the system we’ve seen.

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