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The Blackhawks Scandal: A NHL Reminder for its 32nd Division

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The National Hockey League (NHL) used the sexual assault scandal currently plaguing the Chicago Blackhawks to remind the 32 teams in their district of the importance of providing a healthy and safe work environment for their employees.

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According to Sportsnet, Commissioner Gary Buttman sent a memo to the courses titled: “Promoting a Healthy and Inclusive Culture.”

“The National Hockey League’s commitment to promoting a safe and inclusive culture free from all forms of aggression, intimidation or immoral acts is of vital importance,” we read in the memo obtained by Canadian media.

“Each of us represents the NHL motto every day. It doesn’t matter if our duties require us to work directly in the locker room, on the ice, in an office or elsewhere, that is the reality. Collectively, we are all responsible for the success of our sport and business, and it begins This essential commitment to inclusion, safety and respect for all.”

In light of the results of an independent investigation, unveiled Tuesday, the Blackhawks and Bettman Circuit have been put in the spotlight for allegations of sexual assault by former player Kyle Beach against then-assistant coach Brad Aldrich (2010).

In May 2010, several members of the Illinois Training Command held a meeting to discuss the allegations at the time, but no penalties were imposed. The Black Hawks won the Stanley Cup that year.

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In its letter to teams, the NHL notes that sexual assault is not the only problematic situation that can be condemned, specifying that actions or comments that demean someone because of their skin color, religion, sexual orientation and many other factors can also be denounced.

A telephone line was also provided for members of each organization to report a case.

“The welfare of staff, fans, players and our partners is our priority.”

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