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The bloc will not leave Lucien Bouchard or Gilles Ducep

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After successive outings of Jean Chretien and Brian Mulroney to motivate their parties, the Quebec bloc decided not to invite its former leaders Lucien Bouchard and Gilles Ducep.

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According to bloc leader Yves-François Blanchett, the “big to the rescue” is an “indicator of the insecurity and uncertainty” among other leaders.

“The old ones are more interesting than the new,” he joked.

Mr. Blanchett noted that he did not ask, not even to contact Gilles Dusip, and that he did not intend to do so, nor for Lucien Bouchard.

Re-negotiate with the Americans

Today’s Bloc convoy drove in front of the factory of Lion Electric, the Quebec company that specializes in making electric buses.

“Bloc Québécois believes that in the context of the environmental transition, which the US government and Mr. Biden appear to be very keen on, it will be possible to negotiate a specific exemption for electric transmission or energy transition with technologies from Quebec,” Mr. Blanchett said.

He appealed to the Canadian government to call on the United States to renegotiate and “open a breach” in the American Purchase Act for the benefit of companies involved in energy transmission.

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