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“The Blonde” is a movie that feels bad from start to finish” – Liberation

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Tony Vaughn
Tony Vaughn
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The charismatic director of “Blonde,” a true fake Marilyn Monroe biography, appeared on Netflix Wednesday, September 28, evoking the star’s complex relationships with his image, and the studios’ lack of interest in the authors’ projects.

Courageous, hard-working, smart: Australian Andrew Dominic is the opposite of a friendly director. The few feature films he was able to complete in the long run were painstaking, and they were all frustrating, and confusing, as much as I liked. But what is the point of making films that impress everyone? Facing us, in a hotel room in Deauville, on this day in September, Dominic, hoarse, passing from the edges, stares at us as much as he talks to us. He hears almost nothing, is chronically deaf, and always gives the sensation of shouting at us, at least as much as he respects our thoughts, by answering us, a cigarette in the mouth, and a sly look. But he is also immensely intelligent, thinks generously, and weighs his words to bring to life some of the reflections, many, which led to the culmination of Blonde hairhis most accurate, accurate and impressive film.

Blonde hair It is based on a paradox: it recounts the private life of Marilyn Monroe with reference to some of the most famous photographs of her in existence.

let me explain (He grabs his phone, and shows us the famous series of photos of Monroe and Joe DiMaggio in a hotel room in Canada, taken by John Vachon). do you see ? I wanted to use the collective memory. I went to take pictures. modern photos. Lots of photos were taken in natural light, wide…

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