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She is thirteen months pregnant!

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  • In France, the due date is systematically set 9 months after the supposed start date of pregnancy, i.e. 41 weeks of menopause.
  • In the ninth month of pregnancy, the baby weighs about 3 kg and can measure more than 50 cm.
  • Only 5% of babies are born on the day announced by doctors.

She holds the record for the longest pregnancy in the world. Jacqueline “Jackie” HaddockThe 23-year-old gave birth to her daughter after 13 months and a week. At that time, in 1990, the young woman, from Wolverhampton in England, presented herself to the hospital in London, because she was convinced that she had reached her period. After the examinations, the doctors considered that it was still too early to give birth.

Low weight in babies born after 13 months of pregnancy

After a few weeks of waiting, I found she was exhausted and nothing happened. After 398 days, the British woman gave birth to a baby girl named Sarah Jane. The latter weighed 1360 kg at birth. “I don’t think we’ll ever have another baby after this because I’ve suffered.” captured.

This is not the first time a patient has remained pregnant for a long time. In 1971, Christine Hutton gave birth to a 28-year-old English woman, after 390 days of pregnancy. At birth, her daughter weighed 1 kg.

How long does pregnancy last?

“The duration of pregnancy is not fixed, it is between 280 and 290 days, that is, between 40 and 41.3 perimenopause weeks with an average of 284 days (40.4 perimenopause)”, pointing tohealth insurance. As a reminder, a baby born before the 37th week of pregnancy is considered premature. From the 37th week, we talk about the “early term”. A baby born at 37 or 38 weeks may have more difficulty feeding or breathing and have a weaker immune system.

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