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The Blue Jays are ready to race for the highest honors

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It’s been a week since the team’s training camp kicked off in Dunedin, Florida, and the message couldn’t be more clear. The Blue Jays are serious about their quest to win their first World Championship title since 1993.

Boarding team under construction to me title contender It looks complete in Toronto. Vladimir Guerrero, Jr. and Bo Pechet are now ranked among the top Major League Baseball players, and management has chosen to surround them well by untangling the bag for more than a year.

Since 2021, Blue Jays employees have already awarded three of the four most lucrative contracts in its history. George Springer had $150 million, then Jose Berrios and Kevin Gusman earned $131 million and $115 million, respectively. Only Vernon Wells, of the former Blue Jays, can claim to have signed such an amazing contract in Toronto. He signed a seven-year, $126 million contract extension in 2006.

The Jays have also dared to trade some of their top leads recently to acquire well-known players like Matt Chapman just last week.

And if the words World Championship Not talked about publicly at the Blue Jays, it’s no less embarrassing for players to say they want to dominate Major League Baseball. Guerrero stated his thoughts last Thursday: What we did last year was the trailer and this season I think you’re going to watch the movie!

(Management) did everything they said they were willing to do to show the players in the locker room they believed in, to surround them with the players they believed could help them be the bestas Springer said earlier.

The Toronto baseball team won 91 games in 2021, posting a 90-game plateau for the seventh time in the club’s history. However, it wasn’t enough to make it to the playoffs, as he was eventually capped by the Boston Red Sox, but endorsed the Blue Jays Project. Despite playing the majority of their matches in the US and losing a few to questionable rest, the Torontonians proved their worth and trustworthiness.

regenerative rotation

The Blue Jays have signed Kevin Gausman a $115 million contract to join them this winter.

Photo: Getty Images / Harry How

No aspect of the Blue Jays’ roster has changed since the team’s rise began in 2020 more than a rotation of presentation. Korean gunner Hyun Jin Ryo is now the only player to have played for Toronto prior to last season.

Aside from Rio, manager Charlie Montoyo will rely on Jose Berrios, Kevin Gusman, Alec Manoah and Yossi Kikuchi, who signed last week for the 2022 season. This is one of the best courses to be seen in Toronto in recent years.

This arsenal of pitchers is clearly reminiscent of what it was like in 2021 when Gusman and Kikuchi replaced Robbie Ray and Stephen Matz, who had come to establish themselves in Toronto, then left elsewhere for more lucrative deals. Given the success of freshmen at the Blue Jays last year, there is room for some great ideas at Camp Toronto.

Is there anyone left in the room?

Blue Jays aren’t perfect on paper. Their disadvantages include their small group of left-handed hitters.

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On the field, only second baseman Kavan Biggio and catcher Rhys McGuire are left-handed. Among the defensive players, none of George Springer, Tuscar Hernandez, Lord Goriel Jr. and Randall Grechuk were left-handed, so Charlie Montoyo can make a full-fledged hit list in a game this season.

This is not likely to cause the Blue Jays to lose, but it could certainly be beneficial for the team to rely on a variety of hitters as this especially makes it possible to destabilize the opponent’s bowler in some way. This explains, among other things, why the names Michael Conforto, the free agent, and Jose Ramirez, of the Cleveland Guardians, have recently been linked to the Blue Jays in the rumor mill. Both are left-handed, and excellent hitters to boot.

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