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The Blue Jays will start their season in Florida

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The Toronto Blue Jays begin their next major baseball season in Florida. The team announced Thursday that it will play its first home game in Dunedin, where its training complex is located, until May 2.

The organization was forced to make this decision due to the closure of the border between Canada and the United States. She still hopes to be able to play matches in Toronto this season.

In addition to the health and safety of our fans, players and employees, the Blue Jays priority is to return home to play in Canada as soon as possible.The team wrote in a statement.

The Blue Jays will play 12 games in TD Ballpark, In Dunedin, between the start of the 1st major baseball seasonis being April and May 2.

As during the pre-season matches – which will start on February 28 and run throughout the month of March – the team will be able to accommodate spectators with a capacity limited of 15% from the 8,500 available places.

Last year, the Blue Jays decided to play their home games at Sahlin Field in Buffalo, the home of one of their school’s clubs, Bison (Triple A).

The Blue Jays will meet another Toronto team in Florida. The baseball team will be a few miles west of the Raptors, who call Tampa their home. Toronto Football Club could also be set up there soon.

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