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The Canada Revenue Agency may owe you money: Here’s how to claim it

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We’ve already told you, and we’ll say it again: Millions of unclaimed dollars lie idle in the coffers of the Canada Revenue Agency. To check if a check is waiting for you, just follow these few steps.

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You must first log into your CRA account to access your file online.

You will have two options: either log in from your login partner – or your financial institution – or log in with your CRA username. Please note: If you have never logged into your account online – and you do not have a CRA login code – you will need to apply by mail. Lead time is 10 working days.

When you finally get to your online file, you will find the “Unpaid Checks” option in the dropdown menu on the right. If the CRA owes you money, the amounts for those checks will appear. You will then need to complete Form TPSGC535 and submit it online to your file.

Interesting fact: In May 2019, the Communications Regulatory Agency estimated that 5 million Canadians had unpaid checks!

As for the visuals, this tiktokuse He made sure to explain all the steps in this video:

With Gabriel Aoumet

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