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Since Monday morning, there is a new employee at the National Film Board. She is the Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. Her name is Rachel DeCoeste.

NSI Decost, a black anti-racism activist, is so “inclusive” that in early September she congratulated the Ontario School Board for destroying 5,000 books, including Tintins, Lucky Luke and Asterix.

“Well done!” she shouted on Twitter: “Doing good.”

I don’t know, you, but I, to know that a person who agrees to destroy artworks will hold a senior position at a federal agency that funds artworks, scares me. a little.

change agent?

NSI Decoste is so supportive of “fairness” and “diversity” (of opinion) that she has encouraged other schools to dispose of their “racist” books in the same way, knowing full well that many of them have been burned.

As soon as I saw that NFB was hiring a diversified person to approve the book burning, I wrote to Magalie Boutin, at NFB Communications. I asked him two questions: “What does the ONF management think of Mr.I Cheated to destroy 5000 books, some of them burned? Have a discussion with MI Decoste has happened or will happen to ensure that the desire to “disappear” troublesome business is not part of her mandate? Five days later, I still haven’t received a response.

However, it seems to me that we are entitled to know if, once in a job at NFB, Mr.I Decoste would shout “Bravo!” And he shouted, “Does it bad!” If we block a movie or cut the career of an artist/craftsman who does not fall into the official ideological line.

NSI Decoste will work in all areas of NFB. Read part of the press release sent to us announcing its arrival:I Décoste will serve as a diversity strategic leader, subject matter specialist, change agent and senior advisor to the National Commission for National Finance in order to support goals related to diversity, equity and social security.

You will provide advice, training and mentorship to all members of the NFB management team with a view to enhancing their cultural competencies and overall leadership skills.

He will ensure that NFB programs and policies are fair and inclusive, and will implement and evaluate NFB policies and procedures in combating racism.

NSI Décoste will be part of the NFB Executive Committee and will report directly to the Commissioner. “

Strengthening the “cultural skills” of “all members of the governing body of the body”, what does that mean in clear terms rather than in logical language? get up ?

missing in smoke

No more searching for “Bravo” tweets. and ‘Doing good! » In his account: mI Decoste made them disappear… but I don’t know if she burned them in a purge…

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