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The Canadian invites Bob Gainey to his team meeting

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While waiting for the third round of qualifiers to start, the Canadian members do what we all do: They keep themselves well hydrated, they dress in faded colors…and they wait to see who the next contender will be, from Vegas or Colorado. from the team.

Richard Lappe

But Dominique Ducharme doesn’t spend much time preparing strategies to face the Golden Knights or the avalanche.

“We are focused on us,” the Canadians’ coach said Wednesday morning in the video. Both of these teams have their strengths and weaknesses, and each has their own style of play, but the most important thing is us. We focus on what we want to do. “

What the Canadian wants, we’re starting to know: Reach your first Stanley Cup Final since 1993 – and to get there, you’ll first have to beat one of these two teams.

“We are preparing to be 100% of our energy,” Ducharme added. There may be little things that we need to pay more attention to, [il faudra] Focus on more appropriate strategies depending on the opponent. But we will not change the way we play. “

While waiting for continuity, we can remember that no matter which club is on their way to CH in the next round, the challenge will be huge, with both Vegas and Colorado collecting 82 points during the season, or another 23 points from FC Montreal in the standings. .

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But the Canadian is the one who doesn’t lose anymore. In fact, the Canadian has not been led again, or nearly, as shown in this streak of 437 minutes 53 seconds of play without being behind in a game since the middle of the first-round series, against Toronto. The Canadian performed in 1960 already better, with a total of 488 minutes and 38 seconds in play without lag.

The Canadian, who only trained in the gym on Wednesday, is scheduled to return to the ice at Broussard on Thursday.

But all is not well at the Montreal camp, and we are still waiting for better news in case of two players, striker Jake Evans and defender Jeff Petrie.

Evans, who suffered a concussion when he was badly injured by the Jets’ Mark Scheifele in the first game of the series against Winnipeg, returned to training in the gym and improved his health. “I think it’s possible,” Dominique Ducharme said when asked if Evans would be able to participate in the next series.

Photo by John Woods, The Canadian Press

Jake Evans had left the rink on a stretcher after being badly beaten by Mark Schevel.

This story is not over. Meanwhile, in Winnipeg, it was Sheveley who wanted to play the victim in the case, saying this Tuesday: “I thought it was going to be Philip Danault’s trio who would try to neutralize me; instead, it was the player safety department that neutralized me. It certainly wouldn’t make him.” Most beautiful in the eyes of many.

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In the case of Petrie, injured in his right hand in Game Three of the series against the Jets, Ducharme expects to see him again at the start of the next series. “Not far from back,” she identified Fitness Trainer Montrealer.

Finally, since it’s often a 1986 or 1993 question these days, the Canadian called a legend from his glorious past at team meeting time, Wednesday at Broussard: Bob Gainey, a five-time Stanley Cup winner as a player, came in to motivate the troops.

“There aren’t a lot of teams in this league where there are a lot of ex-players like that,” said Brendan Gallagher. Talk about the importance of the first game of the series, when it comes time to impose his style of play, and that’s what we’ll try to do as well. “

We were told that Mr. Jayne has not been in direct contact with the players. Speak in the meeting room, behind the podium that is usually reserved for the coach.

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