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Marc-AndrĂ© Fleury’s blunder and ineffectiveness of the power game sparked debate when the Vegas Golden Knights faced reporters after a heartbreaking 3-2 loss to the Canadians in overtime.

Both his fellow Quebec goalkeeper and coach came to defend.

“He’s been strong for us all season,” said Peter Debor. It should not distinguish him for this loss. We had our chances of scoring in overtime, but we couldn’t decide the outcome of the match.

“All is not lost,” he added. If we win the next match [dimanche soir]We take advantage of the ice. This is our goal. “

Two minutes is too long

Not surprisingly, Florey didn’t show up to the press gallery after the meeting.

His mistake still had dire consequences. Especially in such an important third game in the playoffs where the Golden Knights were within two minutes of leading 2-1.

Rather than falter from the start of the meeting, Florey gifted Josh Anderson when he stumbled behind his net. The Quebec goalkeeper had made a similar foul against the Colorado Avalanche in the previous series.

Then, in overtime, Anderson himself, who had only had one goal in his last 24 games, came to close the books with a victory over Fleury. It remains to be seen if DeBoer will trust Fleury again on Sunday or whether he will call up Robin Lehner.

“It’s a tough loss,” said Mark Stone. And we must not throw stones at Marc Andre. We failed the power game [0 en 4]. We had our chances of winning this meeting. “

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Great start

Hours before the start of the third game in the series, DeBoer wanted his team to start the game on the right foot. Which was not the case during the first two meetings.

“The start should be better, especially against a team that used to win when they score the first goal,” said the visiting team coach.

The message was certainly received because the Golden Knights got 17 rounds in the first engagement compared to just three for the Canadian.

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