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The Carabines win the Dinsmore Cup

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Virginia Whitehead
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The University of Montreal Caribbeans benefited from an impressive performance from running back Bertrand Beaulieu, as the Université Laval defeated Rouge et Or 28-19, thus capturing their fourth Dunsmore Cup, on Sunday, at CEPSUM.

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Trailing 10-0 after a quarter, coach Marco Idluca’s side started their first year in a row five minutes before halftime.

In his fourth appearance on the field, the Blues attack cut 95 yards. That streak ended with a 17-yard touchdown pass from Jonathan Sincal to Beaulieu.

The Carabins running back also found the thrust zone in the closing moments of the first half. The winners sit on their opponent’s line in one yard, and watch Beaulieu jump over the line of scrimmage to score the middle finger that gave them the lead for the first time in the game.

Driven by this return to the score, the offensive of the University of Montreal representatives continued their success by scoring another 14 points in the third quarter. Beaulieu took the opportunity to land again after hitting a throw from Sénécal.

The game player concluded the game with a 121-yard lunge with his legs and another 85 yards via a catch.

For his part, the Carabins’ defense made life difficult for quarterback Arnaud Desjardins in the second half of the match. Notably, the Rogue-It-O axis saw one of his passes intercepted and he was hit behind the line of scrimmage three times.

This victory for the Carabineans is historic for the Montreal football program, as it is the first time they have won the Quebec Championship in front of their supporters. It is also the first time that the Blues have defeated Rouge et Orr three times in the same season.

In the 2021 season, the Carabins will continue to host the Uteck Cup. For the occasion, the Western League champions will visit CEPSUM on Saturday 27 November.

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