The challenge of teaching music from a distance

The epidemic has held back many young people who have stopped their activities.

However, the technology has saved many music teachers, who have nevertheless had the opportunity to teach in recent months.

This is the case of Professor Sylvie Colombi, who has taught music for over 35 years in the municipality of L├╝tebeneire.

“I told myself I can’t stop completely. I found it difficult, so I rolled up my sleeves.”

So Ms. Colombe suggested that her students teach them by video link.

“I’d like to tell you that I have about 50% of my clients who have taken.”

Due to the epidemic, many young people have stopped their activities. But thanks to technology, some can continue their learning. This is the case for Sylvie Coulombe students, who can benefit from music lessons remotely.

There are approximately dozens of students, once a week, to learn to play the guitar or the piano.

“She tells me where to put my fingers,” explains Victoria Rose Blanchett, 10. If there are any errors, correct them. “

“Let’s admit, it’s not the place to lay our hands because we can’t see well. It was easier for me to figure out which notes to take because they were close and could help me.”

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