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The Chinese are on guard: Island vs. Continent

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China does not like to be upset. In 1989, thousands of pro-democracy activists learned it enough. Some time ago, Hong Kong had to fall in line. There are signs that Taiwan’s turn is coming. Annoying.

Some hot spots on the planet are constantly capturing our attention. It does not matter that Russia is only a shadow of the danger posed by the Soviet Union, the US President has just awarded it the honor of a summit meeting in Geneva.

Iran, with its nuclear ambitions and method of fomenting unrest in the Middle East, is causing nightmares for leaders in the region and elsewhere. And no one takes comfort in knowing that a Stalinist dictatorship on the Korean peninsula ruled by a 37-year-old paranoid could send atomic missiles to North America.

The Chinese, back to them

It has become a cliché to note that China is gaining strength. Since Deng Xiaoping more than forty years ago gave the green light to fellow socialists to get rich, 750 million of them have lifted themselves out of extreme poverty.

Beyond their borders, China’s ambitions are pharaonic. Beijing intends to pump eight million dollars (yes!) into its new Silk Road – the “Belt and Road” – to which more than a hundred countries are already connected. We haven’t finished seeing “Made in China” on our shelves.

force swells

China also gives itself the military means for its economic security. Year after year, China’s defense budget is systematically increasing from 6% to 8%. And the Central Empire is not shy about flexing its muscles, both in the South and East China Seas and on its far borders with India in the Himalayas.

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In short, China is no longer imposed, and therefore increasingly annoyed with Taiwan. The small island, which Nationalists took refuge after Mao’s communist tidal wave in 1949, still flirts with full independence. This is what the party of current Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen is promoting.

engine rumble

Beijing, which suspects of “collusion” between Taipei and Washington, went there with a stunning show of force last Tuesday, after the G7 final statement called for “peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait.”

28 aircraft of the Chinese Air Force, including fighter jets and nuclear bombers, have entered Taiwan’s air defense field. The United States, since Nixon, no longer officially recognizes Taiwan, but continues to sell it weapons for its own defense.

The danger is there: Just as China has not ruled out the use of force to achieve Taiwan’s “reunification,” the United States has not ruled out defending Taiwan if China launches an attack. The storm is raging these days over the vast Pacific Ocean.

Chinese David and Goliath


  • Population : 1.4 billion people
  • Surface – Appearance: 9,597 million square kilometers (4e In the world)
  • Start: 16,407 billion dollars (2e)
  • defense: 210 billion dollars (2e) And the 2,185,000 soldiers (1he is)


  • Population : 23.8 million people
  • Surface – Appearance: 36 193 km2 (Morrissee equivalent)
  • Start: 518 billion dollars (25e In the world)
  • defense: 13 billion dollars (2e) And the 290,000 soldiers (1he is)

Taiwan is more than China

Do you consider yourself Taiwanese or Chinese?

  • 64% Taiwanese
  • 30% Both Taiwanese and Chinese
  • 3% Chinese

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