The coach who “broken” Mathieu Perrault

Physical exam day, as for Montreal Canadiens today, is not a day generally popular for players. However, it is a must.

Former NHL and Habs player Matthew Perrault revealed on Wednesday during the show La Poche Bleue at noon The difficulty of these physical tests is not the same throughout the NHL.

“It’s not really fun,” Perreault admitted right away. Having to push yourself to the limit takes a hard mental effort. We do it, everyone does it and you go through it. I was fortunate that the physical exams were relatively easy in Winnipeg with Paul Morris. For a good part of my career, it wasn’t that bad.

Bruce Boudreau, in Washington, it was harsh. He had us skate from the red line to the red line in the back of the exit and back area. I remember one time, the first year, I had a break. I ran out of gas.

Perrault said with a big smile that he was the target of nice notes from his teammates, but he also exchanged words with the coach.

Perrault continued, “The coach comes to see you. That’s why he does the tests and that’s what makes you improve the next year. I had prepared myself differently to be able to cross.”

Watch it in the video above.

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