The confrontation between Reliance Home Comfort and its employees is not nearly over

This situation can be explained by the stumbling block in discussions between the Canadian company and its employees regarding the adoption of a new collective agreement.

Among other things, the issue of paid sick leave is in dispute, according to Mac Joslin, a 1999 dealer of local Unifor store.

More is needed for new workers, in particular, according to Jocelyn, who says the pandemic is rapidly draining up paid sick leave banks for employees.

These members [certains des nouveaux employés] Three days of sick leave […] The test takes all sick days for a year, He explains.

And if you test positive for contact with a customer, you are on your own.

Quote from:Mac Jocelyn, local host 1999

Unifor Local 1999 represents more than 825 employees in Ontario.

In March, I reached a tentative agreement with Reliance Home Comfort, A company that specializes, among other things, in the installation and maintenance of boilers and air conditioners.

This company provides a large portion of its services in Ontario and Western Canada. Initial agreement was rejected by employees.

COVID-19 in question

Mr Jocelyn believes that some employees find themselves stuck in the COVID-19 testing system, when they are potentially infected.

A screening regimen rarely requires less than three days off.

A man in a jacket and union hat answers questions.

Mac Goslin wants new employees to have more paid sick leave days.

Photo: Elvis Noemse Ngeke

He also claims that employees may find themselves without income after being exposed to the Coronavirus.

they [certains employés] Visit the dwellings assigned to them by the computer system. […] We ask [aux clients] COVID Test Questions, Indicates

Either the client is lying, insincere, or unaware of their COVID-19 infection. Our member receives a call from the health unit after a day, two or three days to inform him that he was in a house where someone tested positive for the COVID virus.

Quote from:Mac Jocelyn, local host 1999.

The employees are then left home for 14 days without pay, according to Jocelyn.

No dialogue

In an email sent to Radio Canada on Friday, Paul Germati, Vice President, said Reliance Home Comfort Western Canada has been disappointed by the rejection of the interim agreement.

In our view, this is a fair bargain that has provided for substantial pay and benefits increases, as well as a continued offering of paid sick days and extra personal days., Can we read in the e-mail.

We have an extensive network of licensed professional contractors as well as business partners who are committed to catering to the comfort needs of our clients.

Quote from:An email excerpt from Paul Germati

Mr. Jermatti explains that the company can count on Unifor’s non-union and non-union members as well as its partners to avoid service disruptions.

A position condemned by Lisa Gretzky, National Democratic Party representative for Windsor West.

Federal and county governments are calling for and advocating for scabies control legislation Reliance Home Comfort Back to the negotiating table.

A woman in a red jacket answers the journalist's questions

Lisa Gretzky denounces the use of private contractors to replace employees.

Photo: Elvis Noemse Ngeke

You need to sit down at the table to have a fair bargaining process with employees in order to come to a fair collective agreement sooner than trying to starve them during a pandemic.She explained.

Obviously, this wasn’t a fair offer, or else the staff would have accepted it.

Quote from:Lisa Gritsky, MLA for Windsor West

On Friday, Mrs. Gretzky visited near the premises Reliance Home Comfort, In Oldcastle, in the suburbs of Windsor, to show support to employees.

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Jocelyn explains that he wants to get back to work. He claims that his work equipment is in his car and that once his employer makes an acceptable offer, he will be back on business immediately.

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